1. 6 Common Scalp Problems and Tips Against Them
    Introduction Many people suffer from dandruff, eczema, hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis and sensitive scalp due to styling products that are not wa...
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  2. Use the Right Product for Your Hair Type
    Normal hair Wash your hair approx. 3 times a week with a nourishing shampoo that gives the scalp a healthy and gentle cleansing.
 Use conditioner f...
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  3. 4 DIY Alternatives to Conventional Natural Hair Care Products (That Actually Work)
    Are you still using chemicals to clean your hair everyday? Despite of the preservatives that might hurt your hair, daily stress, living habit and p...
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  4. What You Need to Know About Organic (And Why You Should Go Organic)
    In recent years everyone converses upon the usage of organic products as well as the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables.  More merchandi...
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